Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Things That Make Me Go..AAAAHHH

De-stress post. This is to get all my little pet peeves and annoyances out. I realize a lot of these are because of my NVLD and anxiety and thus cause me a need for control and to be rigid.

  • People who stop in the middle of a busy walkway/path/store/whatever.
  • When I am trying to understand something about myself on an intellectual level and people respond, "awww, all that matters is you're a good person. Don't worry about the label!" Or so BS. Like, fuck you, I want to understand.
  • People who wait until the last minute to settle the logistics/details of a plan.
  • When people assume my tone/intent online.
  • When people say they will get back to me at a certain time and don't. 
  • When I have a deadline, and I make it clear and people blow it off.

I've actually blanked, so I may come back to this.

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