Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On Love and Dates.

Something that was a struggle for my boyfriend and I was choosing an anniversary date. Our relationship was on and off for the first year and 7 months, and so was our status. We were boyfriend/girlfriend for about ten months, then when we kept getting back together we never made it official, but we were more than platonic friends or intimate friends.

We've been back together consistently since April of 2016. I struggle with being rigid, and so I had a hard time considering our anniversary to begin in the year. People wouldn't know we've actually dated longer, and that bothered me. But then it didn't seem right to start it in 2014, especially since it was on and off and I dated other people during that time (he didn't). That didn't really give an honest picture either. Both of us didn't want to erase our romantic past, and I struggled with being literal and rigid.

In the end, we decided to make it April 22, 2016. That was the day we got back together. While we acknowledge we dated on and off for a year and 7 months, we also realized that time carried a lot of pain and we needed to leave that behind us. I don't mind explaining that when people ask how long we've been together, "2 years, but we dated on and off for about a year and a half in the past." I also realized my mom went through the same thing. Her and her husband (then boyfriend) dated for about 5 years, broke up for several, then got back together before getting married.

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