Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I am learning new stuff about my NVLD vs anxiety.

  • Some of my memory issues are more than likely aligned with my anxiety (and low distress tolerance)
  • I apparently have stronger verbal abilities than I thought.
  • My biggest deficit is my visuospatial ability (common with NVLD).
  • "Visual" does not necessarily mean seeing something. The reason I have trouble remembering directions, instructions, lists is because I have to visualize and organize them. (•visual-spatial-organizational, lack of image, poor visual recall faulty spatial perceptions, and difficulties with spatial relations).
  • The reason I have trouble generalizing reading is because of our deficit with part-whole or big picture vs details.
  • My impairment of spatial organization of complex visual info indicative of NVLD, while my poor verbal memory is more my anxiety.

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