Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Like Abstract Art?

Having NVLD means I am bad with abstract thought and reasoning. I like things to be concrete (the S in my ISFJ). Sometimes I get into these thought spirals where I stress about future plans. I start thinking about all the unanswered questions, how things will work out. I'm not talking in some philosophical way. I mean, literally. When will I move? Will I make enough money to own a car and pay my credit card? How are the logistics of moving gonna work?

I start freaking out even though it's not for another 4 months. I have a compulsive need to know everything now, to not have things so abstract. My brain starts spinning, asking more questions, thinking of more scenarios.

So I took some CBD oil, did yoga, and deleted posts that weren't serving me (I'm trying to get better at venting on my blog).

I'm calmer now, but it's still a lot. Of course, I start getting anxious about being stressed. How it affects me. Will I die sooner? Worse, will it affect how I look? How my body looks?

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