Saturday, February 24, 2018


Since I moved back to Boston in 2015, I've had a very inconsistent relationship with behavioral health. When I first moved back, I decided to join Cambridge Health Alliance. They were the network I was with before I moved out of MA in 2012. I joined a DBT group, but I ended up getting kicked out for slamming a door. I never connected with a therapist for very long because all of their people are fellows and thus short term. The only consistent was my psychiatrist. Unfortunately, she left after a year. For a while, I was between Arbour counseling and CHA. I switched to Arbour to find a new psychiatrist (since mine at CHA left) and continued to wait for a therapist at CHA. Eventually, I ended up switching to a therapist at Arbour. Unfortunately, I realized after a couple of months that it was not a good fit.

I admit the timeline of everything is a bit foggy to me, but I know I saw a psychiatrist for a little bit at Arbour, and stopped because at the time I felt meds weren't right for me. At some point, I started seeing a therapist at a private practice and really liked her, but she ended up moving to D.C. From then on I struggled to stay consistent with a therapist; either because of scheduling reasons (going back to school limited my time even more) or because they were short term. At one point I stopped trying to see a therapist for financial reasons. I was in a DBT program and seeing a psych and each appointment was $15. I felt that the DBT was providing me what I needed at the time. I finished the DBT program in summer of 2017 (I had also previously done a partial program), and had trouble finding a therapist (this was at Arbour). I started to see someone but had to stop cause I went back to work and started school. I saw a psychiatrist a few times, but she left.

Eventually, I decided to switch everything over to Fenway. I had heard good things about their behavioral health system. I got an intake appointment this past November, and told them at this point I was more interested in a group setting than an individual. It would be a 3-month wait before anything happened. On February first I started a CBT group but quickly had to stop because I missed two weeks in a row due to having the flu. Now I have to wait until May for the next one. May is also the soonest they can get me in for a psych appointment. One of the reasons I didn't want to do individual therapy at Fenway, was because I really needed something skills based. Plus I simply couldn't afford therapy and group every week.

The problem now is, I am moving in July. Chances are they won't be able to get me an individual therapist until April/May if that. From what I hear, they are not taking new patients because they have a doctor shortage. Either way, that means I'd only be with a therapist/psychiatrist for a couple of months before I had to leave.

I don't really blame myself. I had to make choices based on scheduling and finances. It's just frustrating.

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