Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016-The Year in Review/2017 Life Lessons and Goals

1. Daniel and I got back together, and I love and feel so loved by him. I got to go to his camp for the first time, and met his sister and friends for the first time (though some have just been e-meets).We baked a lot, went blueberry picking, went to the Sandwich Fair, went to the Halloweeniversary together, went deep sea fishing (and even though it was a terrible experience for me, I'm glad I did it. Especially cause it was Daniel's birthday gift), planned a trip to Canada, and lots of other adventures that helped us grow closer.
2. I joined a UU church, and found a positive community that has done a lot of good for me.
3. My sister got married in Jamaica, and I got to go.
4. I saw Hamilton and got to meet some of the cast.
5. I discovered the EMK.
6. I was employed all but one month out of the year.
7. I got back into DBT and did the women's program.
8. I saw Tyler, Meghan, and Brett perform in 1776 and Assasins, and Tyler and Meghan in Pirates of Penzance.
9. Hamiltunes
10. I went to my first Boston Pride Parade (I had been to the rally, but never the parade).
11. I went to NYC several times, and went to museums for the first time, a Mets game, walked around Central park, and discovered other places for the first time thanks to Larry.
12. I went to the Boston Marathon for the first time, and got to hang out with Kenny for a bit.
13. I moved into a great place with two awesome roommates.
14. Castle Island.
15. I went to two Red Sox games, and one of them I was able to get into the Rooters Club.
16. I was over $400 on a horse racing bet (and I went to live racing a couple of times).
17. Pokemon Go walks with Corey, Adriana, and co.
18. I got to spend lots of time with my nephew, and be part of his life.
19. I became more involved in activism; specifically Standing Rock and the Yes on 2 campaign.
20. I was able to explore my spirituality more.

Those who have been around my Facebook the past several years are aware that instead of resolutions, I do "life lessons." Mantras, quotes, anecdotes, etc that I try to live by throughout the year. The reason I don't do resolutions is because they always seem so concrete or too abstract ("I will lose 20lbs by March", "I will be more healthy this year.") What happens if you don't lose the weight? More healthy how? Also, I tend to get really down on myself if I feel like I've failed. Nevertheless, there are some things I would like to try and achieve this year. I tried my best to make my goals not too vague, but not too concrete. For example, instead of, "publish my books," I did, "work on my books." So, here are my 2017 life lessons and goals.

Life Lessons:
  • Kill yourself with kindness (be kind to me, even when my disorder says no)
  • Write your way out (write when I am feeling dysregulated. Write my way out of strong emotions. Just, write)
  • All you need is love (because we will need a lot of it this year. I gotta remember to love, it's the greatest weapon I have).
  • Donate $12 a month to a different charity or organization
  • Work on my books
  • Work on going back to school
  • Try to do yoga daily
  • Save for a car
  • Get more involved with activism (sign petitions, go to rally's and vigils, write letters. I've already started this in 2016, and it will continue with Daniel and I going to the Women's March on Washington)

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