Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Taking Action

I've always been passionate about Social Justice issues. However, the action I've taken has been minimal. Talk about issues on my podcast, write a few articles, share stuff and hashtag on social media, participate in some walks; I wasn't doing nothing, but I definitely wanted to do more.

There are people who complain about those who talk about the activism they do, but I think for someone in my case it's a bit different. DBT literally includes helping others and getting involved as part of distress tolerance (Wise Mind ACCEPTS. The first C being for, "Contributing."). Getting involved not only helps others, but it also helps my self-esteem and mental health. Do good, feel good, and I don't think there's anything wrong in being proud of what you've done and sharing it.

Since the election happened, I have been inspired to get more involved. I want to do more, do different, and do stuff outside of my comfort zone. I am using this blog to keep track of the activism I have been doing, and am doing.

  • Wrote letters to my senators, house reps, and Paul Ryan asking them to not repeal the ACA.
  • Called Elizabeth Warren's office, asking her to help protect the ACA.
  • Made phone calls to several police departments asking them to bring back their officers from Standing Rock.
  • Donated money in people's names to organizations of their choice for holiday gifts.
  • Donated $1 to five different organization.
  • Plan on donating $12 a month to a different organization.
  • I am planning a letter writing/donation night at my church for Standing Rock. We will come together and write to as many people as we can to stop DAPL, and I will collect monetary donations.
  • I'm attending a BLM Vigil
  • I'm going to a Pant Suit Nation and Stand up for Racial Justice (SURJ) meetings
  • I will be taking part in the Million Woman March in Washington DC.
The biggest thing I need to be careful about overdoing it and burning out.

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