Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's Not Fall Yet....But Soon

Like most stereotypical New Englanders, fall is my favorite season. Let me first explain why I love the fall;
  • I'm still able to spend time in nature as the weather, while a bit cooler, hasn't become to cold to bear.
  • Fall flavors; apple cider, Pumpkin, Cinnamon. I enjoy things flavors both in taste and scent. Instead of floral and sweet lotions, I prefer pumpkin spice and apple pie.
  • Comicazi Halloweeniversary. My comic book shop's annual Halloween/Anniversary party.
  • The Sandwich fair (named for the town not the type of fair it is).
  • UU church season. This is a new one, but now that I'm a part of the church community I am looking forward to the upcoming church season.
  • Halloween. I admit, I'm not as obsessed with Halloween as I used to be, in fact it's not even my favorite Holiday anymore. I'm not really a "spooky" person who makes a ritual out of watching Hocus Pocus. However, I love seeing different costumes and houses decorated. Of course, as a Pagan Halloween also means Samhain. That above all is why I look forward to the holiday.
  • New episodes of my shows!
  • The start of football season!
  • The colors. There's nothing like fall in New England.
  • Apple picking. If I can make it.
  • I'm starting to like wearing fall clothes a bit more than summer. I definitely have more "fashion" in the fall.
As you can see, there's a lot about fall that I love; it's also a trigger for racing thoughts. I don't mean to say I have them specifically all throughout the fall, but rather the thought of fall as an abstract. You see, fall means the end of the year is coming; the end of the year means my birthday is soon, my birthday means I'll be another year older, that means one less year I have to have kids. I start counting years, months, weeks. The solution? Make sure I have plenty to look forward to; not only in the fall, but the whole end part of the year. I feel like it's important to have stuff planned during these months. In summer it's easier to be spontaneous and go to the beach or Castle Island because the weather is usually nice. Planning things during the last half of the year gives me a sense of stability. Especially as the winter months come and I spend less time outdoors (I'm not a fan of being cold).

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