Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Spoons and Self Control

I have a bad habit of only buying enough food for a couple of weeks and using whatever money I have left over on coffee, eating out, trivia, or random little things. I usually run out of money faster than I make it, and have to ask friends for help.

This isn't because I am intentionally being irresponsible or trying to manipulate people. It's because I need to see certain people, I hate being alone sometimes, I need to get out, it's easier to go to trivia once a week than go food shopping twice a month. Sometimes trivia is the only way for me to socialize, and to do that I need money and sometimes that means cutting corners elsewhere. 

It sounds ridiculous, but when you depend on your spoons it makes sense. Food shopping is exhausting for me. There's also the impulsivity factor. Borderlines are extremely impulsive. If there's money sitting in my account, there's a high chance for me to be impulsive about spending $10 here and there and not thinking about it.

I'm trying to change that. I'm not getting paid til the 25th. I know my food won't last til then. So I set aside money for a second food shopping and laundry. I also, previously set aside money for a couple things I had planned this month. It only leaves me with about $30 til pay day, but it'll be a lesson in self control.

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