Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I've always done a lot better with routine when I am working, and when I have a routine I find it can help tremendously with my mental well being. Adding the PLEASE skills from emotion regulation to my routine helps a lot with actually having a routine. However, I find that actually having that routine is easier when I have a job. Today is only the second day of my new job, and I already find that I am getting into a routine. Wake up, yoga, feed the cat, shower, make lunch, eat breakfast, check email, listen to NPR.

When I don't have a job, I tend to stray off that routine. The problem is, my brain starts to stay into thought of, "is this what it's always going to be like? over and over again?" And I'll start to get anxious, and it will eventually come around to my thoughts of (you guessed it) death. I believe I make up for this at night. Which is why I have a harder time maintaining a routine before bed. I intend to go to bed at a certain time, but don't. I'll say I won't go to trivia, but do. Because I don't want my entire life to to be a routine, to be the same. I see it as, "time is running out, so I have to make sure my life isn't robotic. It's ironic though, as an INFJ the J means I really like planning (how I orient myself to the external world). Hmm, well, I guess that's different isn't it?

Either way, I'm going to work on getting into a night routine.

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