Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's Not Always Rational.

I want to talk about things that make me frustrated. Some of these things things often defy logical thinking, this post isn't about that. That's the good thing about this being my blog, when I am feeling frustrated I get to blow off steam, even if that steam is irrational and illogical.

  • Being Accused of Lying: I can't explain how furious it makes me when I am telling someone the stone cold truth, and they either imply or flat out accuse me of lying. Especially when it's over petty things. I get even more frustrated when the accuser is the other person I had conversation with, and suddenly does not recall our conversation at all. 
  • Not Being Understood: I have a much easier time conveying myself through writing. I will get frustrated when I feel I'm not getting my point across or someone will misconstrue something that makes perfect sense in my head. The real frustration comes when what I am saying is taken as negative and I'm not intending it to be that way at all. I just have trouble verbally expressing myself.
  • Feeling Like People Aren't Listening: This one is complicated, because I know I am partly being irrational. Some of this stems from feeling like everyone should follow what I post online. I post so much, how could someone not know what's going on with me? I hate feeling like I need to repeat myself over and over. This also ties into the second one, not feeling like I am conveying myself. For example I recently found out my DBT group which ended because the facilitator couldn't continue and had no one to take over is now back on because they found someone. When I told a friend he was carrying on thinking I was talking about the peer run group I got kicked out of. It made me frustrated and want to say, "does anyone listen to anything I say?"

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