Thursday, March 10, 2016

March On-Day 9

I'm frustrated that I still haven't found a place yet. I keep getting good leads, but they keep falling through. I've also been dealing with yet more passive aggressiveness at my current place. I went to take a shower in the morning and saw that my body wash that still had a decent amount in it was dumped out and replaced with water to make it look like it was full. I reacted by dumping out someone else's body wash. Not the best reaction, I realize, but I reacted impulsively. The other night one of my roommates was playing her music loud and it was disrupting me. Of course it's perfectly okay for other people to play their music loud, but not me. Her response when I asked her politely to turn it down? She didn't complain about my music, someone else did; so therefor she doesn't have to turn hers down.

At work my co-teacher brought up a meeting from last week where I brought up a concern I had in a general manner about how something operated. To her it felt like I was throwing her and someone else under the bus. She also felt the same way in a professional development meeting when I made a comment on a video. I got really upset about it, but then we need up having a really good talk afterwards.

I was going to go to my coloring meeting afterwards, but I ended up going to trivia with an old friend who I used to date. I kind of wish I went to coloring though. I did get to give my friend a bottle of Hamilton wine.

6/10, cause I was feeling down, off, and impulsive.

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