Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March On-Day 7

I neglected to make this most the other day, so I am a bit behind. Over the weekend I had a conversation with a friend that made some things click in my head. There are some traits that I have in addition to my BPD traits that I've never been able to explain. I've always been told they were caused by my BPD, but the more I thought about it the more it didn't make sense. For example I've always been really sensitive to loud noises, especially being yelled at. I assumed it was some sort of trigger, except nothing ever happened to me in my life that would cause it to be a trigger. I even dislike the hand dryers and flushers in a bathroom. My least favorite chore was vacuuming cause of the noise! After doing some research and talking with my therapist it seems that I might actually have high functioning Autism or in DSM-IV speak, Asperger's.

My therapist said she's diagnose me with Borderline Personality Disorder Rule Out High Functioning Autism. Which is weird therapy speak for they are considering it. The testing is 4-6 hours of observation, and my Psychiatrist is looking into it. I'm honestly a bit stunned if this is true, but at the same time I can understand it flying under the radar. It's vastly under diagnosed in girls, and when I was a kid it was the type of thing that got diagnosed only for those that were low functioning. I got diagnosed with ADHD which Autism could easily be mistaken for. Since I'd be considered high functioning it would also be really easy to see me as just really quirky and socially awkward.

I handled a couple of situations pretty well.

I give the day a 9/10, only cause nothing overly spectacular happened.

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