Sunday, March 6, 2016

March On-Day 6

I woke up pretty early, and was able to get a bunch of chores done and spend most of the morning relaxing. Met up with my friend, B at Primark around 2:30 to look for boots since mine broke, and ended up buying a whole bunch of other stuff. Went to b.good after and ran into a friend from NH (who's moving to Boston) that I haven't seen in a while; ended up hanging out with her after B left and catching up.

Going back to this morning, I woke up to a text from Daniel. When we last spoke in December he agreed to talk in March. I had tried him a few times at the end of February/beginning of the month, but he didn't pick up. His text apologized for not picking up and said we'd talk today. Much to my surprise he actually tried calling me a couple of times (I was unavailable) and texted me to see when I'd be around until he was finally able to get a hold of me.  We had a really nice conversation and I'm in a good place to be able to be talking to him again. I wasn't anxious, and I didn't get worried about hanging up with him.

Cooked dinner, talked to both of my parents, and heard back from the co-op (their house meeting was postponed until tomorrow). Going to bed a bit late, but that's okay.

9/10. Got a bit frustrated a bit in Primark, but talking to Daniel in March and handling it as well as I did is major points.

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