Saturday, March 5, 2016

March On-Day 5

Woke up and did some yoga, then some chores. Panicked a bit because I was worried roommate Will was upset at me. I was trying to ask him something and he wasn't responding to me. Later he texted to me and said, "you're fine," so that made me less paranoid.

Looked at another place today. I really liked this one. It's an all women's co-op and seems like the perfect place for me! There's eight people in the house (including the person I'd be replacing), and works like a small community. Everyone shares chores, there's a community food shelf (but no one spends more than $10 a month on stuff for the house), and there are meetings once a week to talk about any issues or stuff that might be going on with people personally. Many people are there because they were in bad situations. I told the girl who interviewed me (the one I am replacing) about my mental illness and she told me there have been people who lived there and currently live there who dealt/deal with mental illness. I'm really hoping it works out, because it seems like a good living situation for me.

I had a date after. He was nice, and the conversation was great, but there wasn't a physical attraction. I'm starting to be a bit more forward and honest about what I want. I've been frustrated because I've had people tell me they want a long term relationship, but then turn around and say I want something more serious than they can offer. What do they LTR means?

Hung out with roommate Will when I came home, and ended the night on a nice relaxing note.

8.5/10. It can be hard when I panic about someone not responding, but I handled it really well.

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