Thursday, March 31, 2016

March On-Day 31

Last night in the house. Hopefully this next place will be one that I actually live at for more than a few months. It's definitely discouraging having to move so much; especially when I know people judge me.

Why do I move so much? Because I have a mental disorder that is both hard to fully explain to someone without making myself sound completely unhinged (and who wants to live with someone like that?) and I struggle with interpersonal relationships.

However, for the first time I was up front about being mentally ill to the people I'm moving in with. Small changes could mean big differences.

Oh, and for anyone who has ever doubted my physical strength, I moved all of my stuff down to the porch myself. The only thing someone did for me is my bed (because it's too awkward for me to do alone). However, he was a dick about it. I asked my roommate that I used to bang and he said yes along with, "let me drop what I'm doing to help you with your shit." This was followed by him snapping and yelling at me when I went to tell him the door was going to be open so to be mindful of his cat.

You know what? I'm actually glad he turned into a mean person. Makes it easier to deal with not fucking him anymore.

Work was good, and pretty relaxing. Neither me or my co-teacher are there tomorrow so we kinda just let the kids chill all day.

9/10-Feeling confident and happy :)

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