Monday, March 28, 2016

March On-Day 28

Good things that happened today;
  1. Made $182 on a pick 3 and trifecta (on top of the $470 I won yesterday).
  2. I entered a short story contest and didn't make the finals, but they had this to say; "'One,' your leading contender, worked an almost Platonic philosophical discussion into every day conversation, and won over some of our panelists with its on-the-nose numeric conclusion."
  3. Got at least one person hooked on my friend's blog (and I'm pledging $5 a month to it)
  4. Really starting to understand my anxiety disorder.
  5. Got an email from the other teaching program I applied for. They want me to do a pre recorded video interview. ::fingers crossed::
I did feel a bit off today, but generally it was a pretty good day!

8/10-Felt a bit "off"

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