Thursday, March 3, 2016

March On-Day 2

Once again I am writing this post a day late. I went to bed at 7:30 last night. I had intended on taking a quick nap, then waking up and doing some yoga before going to bed for the night. I guess I was so tired that I just zonked out entirely. I had gone to bed pretty late on Tuesday night, so I was really tired.

Yesterday I was supposed to start my DBT group, but I fucked up getting there and never made it. Sometimes I get tunnel vision and have a hard time leaving on time; which counteracts my anxiety over being late, so I just end up not going at all. If I have a short amount of time between work and an appointment, I usually go to the library and so it’s what I did this time. I was in the middle of writing an email that I really wanted to finish, and left about three minutes later than I was supposed to in order to get the train I wanted. Turned out those three minutes cost me. The next train didn’t come for another 15 minutes, and was too packed to get on. At this point my appointment was in about ten minutes and the train right to get there would take 25. I decided it wasn’t worth it and resolved to start the group the week after.

I was a bit disappointed in myself, but handled it well. I called the group leader; I considered making up a story, as I was a bit ashamed of the truth, but I told her exactly what happened. I didn’t beat myself up for going off my schedule and I managed to stay in wise mind.

On another note, apartment hunting is going well. For those unaware, I have to move out by April 1st.  I already have several good leads, and I’m going to look at a  couple of places this weekend and will hopefully be looking at  other places soon. I also have a date on Friday and one on Saturday.

Work went well, though I did have a few frustrations. However, I did lead a really good discussion with the 5th grade class and I felt proud of myself. I also had a great talk with one of the higher ups, who’s super down to earth. That’s one of the reasons I like it here, the supervisors are actually supportive and I feel comfortable talking to them.

I give today a 7.5/10. Points lost because I was feeling frustrated, slept too much, skipped group, and feeling sort of unmotivated. However extra points for staying in wise mind and not beating myself up.

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