Monday, January 18, 2016

January of Me-Special Edition: Arisia (Day 4)

Despite not getting to bed until close to 4:00, I still managed to wake up at 8:30am. Feeling a bit shaky and off from some left over anxiety I made the choice to go to yoga. It made a huge difference and really helped me get into wise mind. I I chatted a bit with the instructer after. I really need to start doing practice when I get home from work. I need more than just my 10 minute morning routine. Especially since that one is more energizing, I need something more meditative. 

After yoga I went back to the room to shower and change, and get all my stuff together. My plan was to stay at the con until the very end (something I had never done before), so I want to be able to just grab my bag when I was ready to go.

I went down to the con suite and grazed what they had left down there while chatting with people. I also checked out the adult section of the dealers room, and had a great conversation with one of the panelists from "Let's (Actually) Talk About Sex".

Next I sat in on the "Diversity and Inclusion in SF" panel. I was more interested in the former part of the panel as I'm not really a SF fan, I'm more on the fantasy and speculative fiction side. Left that a bit early and went back the con suite to read and then outside the game room to color.

I did a really good job of not hiding in my room. In fact aside from changing or dropping off/picking up Magic cards I didn't hide in my room at all. However I was feeling a bit tired, so I chilled out a bit until it was time for Dead Dog Filk.

Filk was fun and I heard some amazing voices. I ended up rapping Cabinet Battle #1 and then it turned into a YouTube viewing party and I played the actual song. Left Filk and dropped by to chat Hamilton with my friends Aimee (who walked by the room while the song was playing) and her wife Michelle).

Ended con with a nice chat with one of my roommates. This has been one of the best Arisia's!

Things I've taken away from con:

1. It's a good bench mark of progress 
2. Some friendships aren't meant to be repaired and that's okay
3. Kindness goes a long way, if not for anyone but yourself.
4. Not only is perfection not achievable, but trying to do so only makes things worse.

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