Sunday, January 17, 2016

January of Me-Special Edition: Arisia (Day 3)

Slept until about ten and missed yoga, but the extra sleep was much needed. After grabbing Starbucks I went over and sat down in the con suite. A friend of mine walked by and we ended up having a nice conversation. After chatting a bit I met up with some other friends in the game room and we played five person Magic game.

The Magic game ended up running into the first panel I wanted to go to (which was more than okay), but I caught about ten minutes of, "Addressing Sexual Harrassment in our Communities."

I ended up leaving and wandering a bit. Walked by the Boston Whovians table and found out about a meet up they are having soon. Speaking of Doctor Who, that was my next panel! "Doctor Who 2016: The State of the Doctor." I really enjoyed the way the panelists spoke about each character and their thoughts.

After I grabbed some lunch at the taco truck and then wandered a bit more. My wandering brought me to the art show again where I ran into a couple of friends and I raved about Hamilton with one of them.

The next panel I went to was, "A Fannish Guide to Boston." This was great because not only did I learn about places I want to go to, but I got to tell people  about Ghosts and Gravestones. As far as places I learned about;

-Countway Library of Medicine (Harvard University), which has the skull of Phineas Gage.
-Board Game Cafe in Brookline (which I knew about).
-North End molasses flood plaque (which I've never seen).
-Antique Vibrator Museum at Good Vibrations in Coolidge Corner.
-Museum of Bad Art at Somerville Theatre.
-World War II Museum in Natick.

Next panel was, "Feminism: What it is, What it isn't." Absolutely loved this panel. It's rare I'm able to sit in on a panel for the full 75 minutes. I was happy to hear them speak about intersectional feminism and trans inclusionary feminism. I was horrified to hear some of the stories from one of the panelists about women's experiences in the science community. Sexual harassment that's getting a slap on the wrist.

After the panel I went to the Masquerade. This is the first year I actually I actually sat in on the whole show, and there were some great costumes. I think my favorite was Steampunk Rainbow Bright.

My last panel of the night (and con since I have none planned for Monday) was, "Let's (Actually) Talk About Sex." Really fun and interactive panel! They answered my question about making being on top more pleasurable since I'm shallow and narrow and have a tipped uterus. Actually, an audience member gave a demo with a chair! I also talked about some personal sex anxieties I have. I really like that panels like these make sure they create a safe space.

My three favorite panels of the weekend were: Coming Out, Feminism: What it is, what it isn't, and Let's (Actually) Talk About Sex.

The sex panel had nothing after so it ended up going for two hours (panels are 75 minutes) and it was worth every minute. One of the panelists brought a life size cloth curtain like vagina replica and taught everyone about the parts.

My final event of the night was the Timey Wimey dance. Really fun! All music from 80's, 90's, and 2000's.

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