Saturday, January 16, 2016

January of Me-Special Edition: Arisia (Day 2)

As much as I enjoy seeing people at Arisia, it's also a test for me; because for all the people I do see, there are a few I'm not all that thrilled about. Not people I dislike, just people who I feel a bad anxious around and trigger me. It's a testement to how for I've come that I was able to label my feelings, not react, remove myself when needed, and stay in wise mind.

My day two started off at 8am with a trip to Starbucks and some wandering. Shortly after I went to Queer and Body Positive Yoga. It was a really relaxing and slow moving class which I really think attributed to my mood throughout the day. After yoga I headed back up to my room to shower and change.

With several hours before my next to do I wandered the dealer's room a bit before contacting my friend heading to the game room for a bit of Magic. We played a couple of rounds (I won both) and then I ventured off. I spent some time coloring and then checked out the art show. I really wanted to buy a piece but I didn't see anything I fell in love with. 

After the art show I went to the Coming Out panel. On the way there I passed a few Pats fans (I was in my Rodgers jersey), and we all wished each other luck. Unfortunately luck would not be had with my team. 

The Coming Out Panel was great. My friend Loreiel, one of my favorite people, was on it. They made it a bit more intimate by having everyone sit in a circle. There was a person who talked about coming out as mentally ill (ze has BPD). That's not something you think about  and I got to talk a bit about how it's harder for me to come out as mentally ill than bisexual.

Next I grabbed some lunch at Jimmy Johns and sat down at the Con Suite and met up with my friend Chris and was able to catch up and chat with him. We wandered the dealers room and I bought a couple things before heading to my next panel; Psychology: What Do We Actually Know? I absolutely loved it. Obviously.

After the panel I went to the Geeky Belly Dance Show which run by my friend Samara (she was in it as well). I really enjoyed it! When I left the room I walked into a giant Star Wars photo shoot and was able to get a bunch of pics. 

Met back up with my friend and we took a dip in the pool before I parked myself  at the bar (with a club soda) and watched the game. Lorelei and her girlboyfriend were there and we chatted for a bit. After the game I did my best to socialize at the parties, but they are too crowded, I don't drink, and I get too anxious; but at least I went! 

Ended my night with the dance, Starbucks, and sitting on the couch in the consuite.

Amazing second day!!!!

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