Friday, January 15, 2016

January of Me-Special Edition: Arisia (Day 1)

Arisia is a convention I've been going to since 2009. In previous years I've been on panels and performed in shows. This year I was able to enjoy the con without working around a programming schedule.

I arrived at the con around 5pm, met up with my roommate, dropped off my bag, and headed to reg. A line stretched down a long hallway, looped back around, and then made its way around a corner and down another hall. People who were pre registered could only go to the front of the line if they had their code of conduct form printed. Something that had slipped my mind amongst all the chaos of the week. 

After standing in line for an hour we were told we could go to the business center and print the form for .27. Thinking it would make things quicker my friend and I left the line and made our way over. Of course that ended up being a shit show. By the time I got registered it was 7pm. 

Once registration was done my friend and I wandered a bit then went to the game room and played some Magic. Along the way I ran into different types of people. People who I haven't seen in a while and were super excited to see, people I knew didn't like me, people I had fallings out with, people I wasn't sure. All of them? I was kind to. I greeted with a smile and a hello. That's my goal. To be kinder. Even to people I know don't like me.

I missed the first two panels I wanted to go to, but made it to Your Kink is Okay. A couple of my friends were on the panel and I enjoyed it, but it would have been nice if they spoke about specific kinks. Had a nice chat after before heading to bed. 

I felt a bit anxious because of something that happened earlier, but got over it quickly. I was able to talk to people and not hide from everyone.

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