Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January of Me-Day 20

Starting Thoughts
I woke up in the middle of the night after having unsettling dreams. I immediately reached for my self-soothe box, some thing I would have not done in the past. Part of the reason I try to practice DBT skills every day is so they become like muscle memory and I don't have to think about it when I need then in the heat of the moment. I woke up feeling a bit shaken, but still forced myself to do my morning yoga routine.

  • Started to look into Vets and Vet options for Molly. She hasn't had a check up since she was spayed and had her shots. A friend told me about a free walk in clinic that's donation based. They do check ups and vaccine updates, and are walk in only. I'm going to give them a call, but will hopefully be going to them soon. 
  • Started my taxes.
  • Had a Psych appointment. They couldn't find anyone to see my after 5:00pm so my psychiatrist gave me a list of places to call that are just psychiatry places. Meaning I wouldn't have to change everything over.
  • Followed up with Jill. The Principal is considering the next steps. All I know is if I don't get this job I'm probably going to be disappointed since it's been dragging out for so long.
  • Closed out my DCU bank account.

Mindfulness/Other DBT Skills
  • Self-Soothe in the middle of the night (scent) after being woken from bad dreams.
  • Morning yoga.
  • Day 6 of 30 Days of Yoga Camp.
  • Talked to one of my student's general classroom teachers and discussed how we can better help said student in a particular class.
  • The current lead teacher in the classroom is a long term sub as the main teacher has been on maternity leave. She came in today today for a surprise visit with the baby, and it was really nice for the kids (and I got to hold him!)
  • Went to a Magic group meet up. Found out there is one in Medford on Wednesday nights. That means I'd have three Wednesday night meet ups (writing, coloring and Magic). I can rotate and that works out nice cause I'm trying to limit the number of nights I stay out late.
  • Saw two people about to get into a fight at the T station and stepped in between them long enough to break it up.
End Thoughts
I had some intrusive thoughts today, but I am reminded of what I was talking to my Psychiatrist about. I've been feeling a lot more level, less irritable, and I've been able to get into wise mind a lot easier. Of course as soon as a man I'm sexually or romantically involved with comes into the picture it's like, "aaaand there it is." But I always knew that's where I'm most vulnerable. However, what's done has been huge steps, and I'm building that foundation.

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