Monday, January 4, 2016

January of Me-Day 2

Starting Thoughts
Today was the first day back to work after 10 days off. I found it surprisingly easy to get back in the swing of things. I'm not a huge fan of my job, but I am pushing myself to make the most of it for now. My goal today was to smile more at people and go the extra mile with being polite.

  • Scheduled interview for tomorrow.
  • Scheduled an appointment with my Psychiatrist and talked to her about finding me a therapist.
Mindfulness/Other DBT Skills
  • Morning yoga
  • Evening yoga with incense and meditation/breathing
  • Ab routine
  • Used self-sooth
  • Wrote out a blog post about my currents fears
  • Observed and described intrusive thoughts
  • Sat in a coffee shop near Park street for a bit.
  • Visited a friend nearby at work.
  • I am part of a Borderline Support group consult team. We answer questions and give advice submitted to a blog about BPD. Today, I answered my first question. I felt good about my response.
  • I've been making an effort to be friendly toward my roommate who doesn't like me.
  • Trying to eat healthier, wasn't perfect today but did make good choices. 
  • Tried making something new (avocado, honey, and cinnamon blended as a toast topping), and it turned out good.
End Thoughts
Pretty productive day for being at work most of it. I was able to spend some time in Boston after work and still get home by 6. Usually if I'm not going to trivia, I just go straight home. It was nice to be able to "get out" in a different way, even if it was just for a quick coffee by myself (by hey, this month is all about me, right?) Finally, I need to work on budgeting for food and cooking things that will last throughout the week. I am good at buying dry stuff (PB, bread, cereal) and stuff that only lasts a bit or is stand alone (yogurt, milk, fruit). What I need is to be able to cook quick and simple meals.

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