Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January of Me-Day 14

Starting Thoughts
Last night I had some unsettling dreams. Not quite nightmares, and thankfully not night terrors, but just bad enough that I woke up feeling a bit shaky. Luckily I was able to remind myself throughout the night I was only dreaming (yay lucid dreaming) and get myself into wise mind pretty quickly

  • Emailed my Doctor and called my Psychiatrist to talk to them about switching practices. It's near impossible to find not only a DBT therapist, but one that I can see after hours and (since it's a teaching practice) one I can see long term. The whole idea of switching is overwhelming to me, so I'm hoping they can help me.

Mindfulness/Other DBT Skills
  • Morning yoga.
  • Used mindfulness to stay in wise mind when someone was upsetting me online.
  • Had a really good chat with one of AV teacher on the bus. Turns out he's a fellow nerd and is really into Sci Fi and comic books, and also used to work at DCYF.
  • I mentioned before that I've been frustrated with how behavior has been handled in my classroom. I decided to take initiative and have a meeting with the head of special education about it as well as with her and the lead teacher.
  • Ended up having a one on one chat with the lead teacher beforehand and talked about stuff. It was actually nice being able to talk openly like that.
  • I decided that better behavior management needs to start with me, so when I saw a student displaying behavior problems I stepped up and didn't just ignore it. I addressed it, and processed with him. I'm always scared to do so, because I'm afraid someone will think I am stepping on their toes (and I've actually gotten in trouble and fired for doing so), but I'm not going to be afraid anymore.
  • Sat in the library to kill some time before writing group.
  • Writing group was nice. Small and intimate. Held at one of the member's house. We write for an hour and a half and then share and comment.
End Thoughts
Late night, but it's worth it. Glad I'm doing things for myself, and creating balance in my life. Again the goal is for me to form a base and have it continue into the long term. I may have to do a few of the 30 days of yoga of the weekend. The day 2 was an hour and I really didn't want to get to bet at midnight.

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