Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015-The Year in Review

Living: Derry
Job: None
Good: Going to Al-anon and support group, in therapy, Arisia, Garth Brooks, Brother in Law's part at East Coast Grill, Livingston Park during snow fall, visiting Hailey (former kid at Ms. Darlene's) at the hospital. 
Bad: Hospital for anxiety attack.

Living: Derry/Brighton
Job: None
Good: Moving back to MA, 30 day yoga challenge, visiting my aunt.
Bad: Getting kicked out of house in Derry, losing my car, getting towed, financial troubles, going to the mental hospital.

Living: Brighton
Job: Pelham Academy (part of month)
Good: Live interview with Lorelei Erisis, Dropkick Murphys (Ken!), Attic, started going to Trivia, Attic Lantern night, starting DBT.
Bad: Attacked on bus.

Living: Brighton
Job: Pelham Academy
Good: Castle Island, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, talking to Daniel again, photo shoot, baby shower, Hank Green.
Bad: James abuse (start of)

Living: Brighton/JP
Job: Pelham Academy
Good: Swan Boat ride, Boston Common, Attic, flea market, Red Sox, Museum of Science.
Bad: Physically abused by James, restraining order.

Living: JP
Job: Pelham Academy (part of month), Bath and Body Works (part of month), GWD (part of month)
Good: Rocky Horror reunion show, talking to Daniel, love wins!, new tattoo, Boston Pride, Attic, Scooper Bowl.
Amazing: Nibling!!!!
Bad: Problems with roommate, fight with Dan M.

Living: JP
Job: GWD, Bath and Body Works
Good: Visiting Daniel, Picture Mountain, Merrily We Roll Along, Pleasure Bay, Revere Beach, Sandcastle sculptures, Red Sox, Boston quiz (hosted), trivia and hotel with Daniel, Ant-Man, Jamaica Pond, public pool.
Bad: Court for restraining order, problems with roommate.

Living: JP
Job: GWD, Bath and Body Works, Teavana (part of month)
Good: Packers game, Lake Winni, Nahant Beach, Winthrop Beach, Feast of Saint Anthony, public pool, learning horse racing, photo shoot.
Bad: problems with roommate.

Living: JP
Job: Lincoln Elementary, GWD, Education Stations (part of month), Teavana (part of month)
Good: Castle Island, Salem Willows, GWD game night, score keeping Doctor Who quiz, Elizabeth Warren talk, Alzheimer’s walk, quiz for a cause, Dad’s birthday get together, time away.
Bad: Problems with roommate, Daniel needing a break, losing my wallet.

Living: JP/Medford 
Job: Lincoln Elementary, GWD, Education Stations
Good: Suicide prevention walk, live horse racing at Suffolk Downs, Bernie Sanders, Halloweeniversary.
Bad: October was pretty good. Don't remember anything significant here.

Living: Medford
Job: Lincoln Elementary (part of month), GWD (part of month), Education Stations
Good: Baptism, Pedro talk, Mockingjay II, Graveyard visits, vegetarian food fest, 100th episode.
Bad: Getting fired from two jobs, finding out I owe extra rent, kicked out of group, losing $250 (check issue), being sent to the ER by therapist, losing therapist.

Living: Medford
Job: Education Stations (part of month) Boston Renaissance Charter School (started)
Good: Time away, Attic, Project for Awesome, Star Wars, Daniel calling, birthday quiz, talking to Mr. Lambros, Haven (12/29).

Bad: Self dx drama.

Best Months: July, September, October

Worst Months: February and November

New Interests: Fantasy football, trivia, Hamilton, horse racing.

New People*: Will, Tyler, Corey, Adriana, Ginny, Kaitlyn, Pam, Jonathan, and regular GWD quizzers.
*Does not include people I only know online.

Struggles: Daniel, Will, self-harm, suicidal ideation, getting fired, moves, financial trouble, and flipping out on Facebook. Mental illness doesn't take a break.

Triumphs: Learning new DBT skills, taking time for myself, dating again, discovering new things.

Lesson: The times I struggle with my BPD the most is when it involves particular people and when things get really overwhelming. Mental illness doesn't take a break. 

2016 Life Lessons:
  • "What a treacherous thing to believe a person is more than a person."
  • "The road to progress is not linear."
  • "Life is 1 and 1/2 miles on the turf, not a sprint."

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