Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Go On Too Many Dates: Romance & Options, Part I

I went on a date. Okay, a few. All with the same person. Contiuing my name trend, I'll call him Rob. I met Rob at an event I attend, and for the first time in a while I found myself properly asking someone out rather than just falling into it at dangerous spontaneous levels.

Cute, smart, quirky; yes, I quite liked this one. The on our third date Rob dropped a bomb shell, "I don't ever want to have kids." Oh. It felt like someone had popped all my balloons. In reality I shouldn't be that upset since we only went on three dates. However, as most of you have probably come to realize, the feelings and emotions of a Borderline are felt with 100 times the intensity of the average person.

I asked him questions hoping for a loophole; I wondered if I should just ignore it and hope he changes his mind; and I even considered abandoning my wants. In the end however I couldn't in good conscious continue dating him. Not wanting kids has been a consistent deal breaker for me. We're still friends, and I'm sure we'll hang out, but in the long run he's not option C.

I suppose I should be proud of myself. We Borderlines are so scared of being alone that we will cling to any relationship. For me to be able to break it off Is a pretty big step.

So for right now it's, D: None of the Above.

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