Saturday, February 14, 2015

Looking at the Glass

Life is full of contradictions, and for someone like me that can be very frustrating.

"Stay in the moment" vs "things will get better"

I can't both stay in the moment and hope for a better future. I'm too black and white, I am trying to find that gray area.

Glass half empty: I have to surrender my car, I have no money, no job, I had to give up the therapy I was supposed to start, I'm being forced to move to a different state, and I have no income.

Glass half full: Surrendering my car will free up a huge bill for me monthly, I'll have one less thing to do when I move (switching my registration and plates), I am very used to taking public transit to jobs, I have a place to stay and it's not with a stranger but with a friend, the only bill I have is my phone ($45 a month) so I have a lot more space to save.

This is why life is contradictory. Because being "in the moment" means thinking about the glass being half empty. In order to think more positive I need to think ahead.

Sigh, I think too much.

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