Friday, January 30, 2015

The Sociopath & Me: A Poem

Emotions can define a person

Either they don’t exist

Or they are our only reason

Oh, I could make a list

This, my friends, is the key

Of the tale of the sociopath and me

My Emotions over flow every day

No matter how I try to hide

Unemotional in every way

A blank slate is all you’ll find

That’s what I’ve come to know about he

And there you have The sociopath and me

Emotions uncontrollable

Emotions at a stalemate

Emotions inconsolable

No emotions, only hate

Emotions shut off so easily

Emotions differ greatly between the sociopath and me

Heart open wide

Heart black as night

Smile because I mean it

Smile as if he means it

Those are difference you’ll see

Between the sociopath and me

I am Worrisome and frantic

He is Realistic yet calming

He is nearly psychopathic

I find everything alarming

He’s Influential in ways he’ll never see

That’s what the sociopath does to me

I wonder if things will change

Has he always been shut down

I wonder if it’ll always be the same

Has there ever been an emotion to be found

I wonder if this is how it’ll always be

I wonder what the sociopath sees in me

All of my heart given to him

All of his heart shut down

Forever my emotions never returned

Forever he will never see

But that’s the downfall

Of the sociopath and me

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