Friday, January 30, 2015

The Queer Folk: A Poem

You stand in the street
Preaching that he loves everyone
See some guys kissing

And they've betrayed the holy son
When did we turn out this way
Teaching that it's not okay to be gay
Separation of church and state
If it were true, that shit would be great
But the state wants to hate and the church condemns
Just cause she likes her and he likes men

Bullies see a kid with a rainbow flag
Come up behind him shouting

You mother fucking fag
Tolerance isn't there as the kid screams and begs
While ignorance carves faggot in his leg
Most people don't want to waste their time
Turn up their noses when they hear hate crime

Though you can't change the spots of a leopard
I hope we remember Matthew Shepard
Live your life and do what you do
Cause who he loves doesn't affect you
Tolerance needs to be taught
And teaching our kids is the only hope we got
Hope that tomorrow won't be filled with hate
No ignorance towards who our peers date

The closet will be open
And this fear will be broken
You say loving everyone was his word
I guess exceptions were made and that shit's absurd

People's eyes will open and soon they will see
You can't change a person or who they want to be
This battle is fought every day

For the right to be okay to be gay
There is a state that started something great
I hope everyone remembers the date
Massachusetts started the score
Making history in 2004

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