Friday, January 30, 2015

Mary: A Poem

Mary had an infectious smile
It shined from coast to coast
And everywhere that Mary went
Her friends were sure to go

They followed her religiously
But there was something they couldn't see
Mary had a big smile that no one could deny
But no one knew the pain that Mary felt inside

In school she'd put on a show
That not one person saw
But what's the use in being popular
If she still felt all alone

Mary had a lot of friends
But not one she could trust
So Mary's feelings were swept away
Just like a cloud of dust

Mary's pain grew and grew
Her smile began to fade
There were thoughts she could not construe
And it chipped away the charade

Mary got a rope one day
She coiled it thirteen times
Tied it to a beam above
Left a note someone was sure to find

The pain she felt she couldn't take
She silently began to pray
She said her life was a big mistake
Then she kicked that chair away

Mary had an infectious smile
That depression took away
At her grave friends hit their knees
For Mary had pain that they could now plainly see

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