Friday, January 30, 2015

Blind Love: A Poem

If my heart listened to my brain
It would hear what it had to say
I know you want to fall, but it's just not the right time.”
My brain would keep my heart in check
Only allowing it to love when the stars were aligned
But my heart just doesn't listen
It outright ignores my head
I'll love when I want, and I'll love who I want”
If my heart listened to my brain
It would hear its pleas
Please, you're going to get hurt. This isn't worth the pain.”But my heart is sadistic
The rest of me its unwilling slave

If my brain listened to my heart
It would hear it say, “just give in. You always do anyway.”
Just let me take over, because you know I'm in charge”
My heart is strong, yes it's true
Which is why I can't stop loving you
If my heart listened to my brain
It wouldn't let this love occur
Because my heart would hear my brain say,
He'll never love you the way he loves her.”
But my heart doesn't care, it's stubborn that way
Even when my brain whispers, “It's her that he'll love 'til his dying day.”

What my brain tells my heart
My heart doesn't want to hear
It charges off on its own
Not thinking of the outcome of the ride
Bringing my brain along, for a love suicide
No matter how many times my heart loses
No matter how much it's broken, shattered, torn from my chest
It always comes back, because my heart is obsessed

So heart, don't listen to my brain
Every ounce of love is always worth the pain
They say love is blind
When everything is gone, it's all we'll have left

But what I really think, is that love is deaf.

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