Sunday, November 2, 2014

Things To Know About Me Online

I get really overwhelmed by two much information.When I am online and I ask a question I want direct, blunt answers and will often become frustrated by too much explanation or "other" chatter. I am a kinetic learning and so I struggle with retaining long bouts of information verbally and visually. I can do a bit better visually, but it will often be a struggle for me if I have to read through a lot to get to the core of what I want to know. It's a big reason why I skim when I read.

This causes me to feel stupid and causes me more frustration. That frustration turns into irritation and becomes more increasing the more I struggle folllow along. The irritation then causes me to lash out at people. This in turn causes me to get more irritated and frustrated.

Basically I end up thinking everyone is stupid, I'm stupid, and everything sucks.

I have a really hard time articulating myself sometimes (though I tend to emotionally articulate myself better through words).

It's draining :(

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