Sunday, November 2, 2014

Planning Like the Planning Planner I Always Plan to Be

I need a plan, I want a plan. I'm not so much going to focus on the when, but rather the what for now. I just want to make steps towards a more stable life (that's not to say I'm personally not stable. I just want the things in my life to be more stable.) So, without further ado here are my plans (both long and short term)

  1. No dating until after the new year. I think jumping into a new relationship at this point would be a bad idea. If someone is interested in me I will have to go from there, but for now I am not going to actively seek anyone out.
  2. Find a job where I can pay my bills and save money.
  3. Start saving money towards my own apartment.
  4. Stay at that job long term and eventually start a retirement fund
  5. When I'm more financially stable, work on getting a lower car payment
  6. Eventually file for bankruptcy to get a "clean" start.
  7. Pay off as much debt as I can come tax season.
  8. Join a group where I can physically meet new people (thinking of attending a local Wiccan Temple).
  9. Go to a paint night
  10. Write more
  11. Practice more yoga
I think the first big step in the long term is finding a job I stay at for more than a few months!

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