Sunday, May 4, 2014

Positive Living-Day 27


  • I spent the day out of my apartment at Starbucks. I got a lot done including putting together my video from pride, writing my next podcast episode, and coming up with new ideas.
  • Had a low key, chill day. Just what was needed after a day around lots of people.
  • Caught up on episodes of shows I watch.
  • The ability to smile. Because sometimes a smile is all you need. Either your own or from someone else.
  • Comfy blankets
  • Kitten purrs
  • Sadness is necessary. Without sadness we would not know the joy of memories, or what coming out of the darkness feels like.
Being is sufficient. Being is All. The cheerful, sunny 
self you are missing will return, as it always does,
but only being will bring it back
-Alice Walker

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