Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Journey Back: 2007-2009 (24-27)

Note: I deleted any journals from 2007, so there isn't much I remember from that time. 
  • These were the years of severe cyber-bullying. Also, when my ED page was made
  • 2007 I officially joined the CAP. I was living in Beverly at the time, so I had to drive back and forth.
  • Loki was born in 2007.
  • Eventually my BF, Mike, and I broke up and my other roommates moved out. I had to get my own roomates, and they ended up screwing me over.
  • I did have a steady job in the end of 2007, but left it to move to western, MA
  • January, 2008 I officially move to western, MA. I also had my Honda around this time (I think I got it in 2007).
  • 2008 was my first Haven.
  • October 2008 was the first Academy of Music show. I was Trixie.
  • 2008 was when I dated T, and broke up with T, and had the biggest melt down of my life. It's also when I fell in love with a girl. But, we all know that story. Because of this I went into DBT and since then I've been consistent about it.
  • 2009 had a lot of ups and downs. It's when I got involved with URO, Worlds Apart Games (WAG), Graphic Novel Addicts (GNA). I won my first Haven contest (bead queen!). I dated Moon in 2009, started talking to T again, went to my first Wicked Faire, met and became friends with Terrance (and got him to come to our Academy show). However, it was also when I bullied my friend H, got suspended from cast, had my first holidays without my Aunty F (because she was living in a home) or at my Aunt and Uncles. It was a year of a lot of job changes, money problems, I think I got evicted, and I dealt with a lot of drama.
  • I was also getting better at recognizing faults in myself. I was a bit more in control, and felt bad when I lost it.

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