Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When I Am Old....

  • I will dance
  • I will mediate
  • I will spend time with my future kids and grand kids
  • I will probably be okay with being in a nursing home because then I wouldn't feel alone
  • I will not be afraid of death
  • I will play children's games
  • I will watch children's shows
  • I will dye my hair purple, pink, blue, red
  • I will march with the Raging Grannies at pride parades
  • I will be one with reincarnation
  • I will have collected a lifetime of memories instead of wasting my time wondering about the future.
Me being old is not going to be like my grandmother's old. I grew up in a different time. A different world.

Today. Today. Now. Now.

I want a peaceful end.

I want to be ready to go.

I don't want it to come fast.

I'm scared.

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