Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Positive Living-Day 8


  • I got an interview at a place that's working with troubled youth 8-18. I've literally been trying to get interviewed there since I left ES.
  • I got an interview to become a Big Sister with BB/BS
  • Saw my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin at their store and a nice chat with them
  • Bought a few things for Desmond
  • Went to FYE  and made 2 CDs. A few months ago my CD case was stolen out of my car and it had a bunch of the CDs I had made. I took the songs I really liked and turned, like, 8 CDs into 2
  • Going to have dinner with my cousin and his fiancee. I'm excited cause they have the most adorable son!
  • Traded in some books at Thriftys
  • It's my Mom and Step Dad's anniversary
  • The lady who helped me out at Petco
  • The rain. Because it's cleansing.
  • My cousin for dinner
  • Being able to smile even when I was stressed
  • It's not always going to be easy. I miss him. But if I fight through the tough moments then I can experience the good ones
  • It won't always be the same. Change can be amazing.
Be good, keep your feet dry, your eyes open, your heart at peace....-Thomas Merton

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