Friday, April 11, 2014

Positive Living-Day 4


  • Paid a bunch of bills
  • Got books from Barnes and Noble to help better myself
  • Made an intake appointment at the Mental Health Center
  • Got a cute new outfit at Dots going out of business sale (for Mom's party)
  • Bought my Mom some birthday gifts
  • Took my friend's daughter out for her birthday
  • Talked to three great friends tonight
  • Got some awesome good news
  • Applied to volunteer at the Animal Shelter and Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • I was able to pull my thoughts back to the present several times
  • My own strength
  • A reminder of what makes me happy
  • Getting one of my credit cards in the mail

  • Things will change,
  • I won't always feel the same
  • One day at a time

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