Thursday, April 10, 2014

Positive Living-Day 3


  • I met and talked with a friend, and she gave me a bracelet that says, "one day at a time"
  • I did a little bit of hula-hooping
  • I got through a very difficult conversation without threatening to hurt myself. Not only this, but I immediately starting taking positive steps the the next month (see, "One Month" post).
  • Heidi for calling me and singing to me to cheer me up.
  • Jennifer for giving me some tough love.
  • The fact I have a chance to really prove myself.
  • A month is not long at all. This is a great opportunity to work on me.
  • If I worry about what may or may not be then I won't enjoy the present.
  • I have the chance to really improve myself in this next month. As sad and hard as it is, I consider this a gift.

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