Sunday, April 27, 2014

Positive Living-Day 20



  • Went to Oak Grove cemetery in Medford (my home town) and brought flowers to my grandparents (yesterday was the anniversary of my maternal grandmother's death). Pretty much 90% of my dead family is in Oak Grove so I did a "tour". I couldn't find everyone, but hopefully they knew I was there.
  • Went to Davis square in Somerville and stopped by Comicazi (my comic book store since 2004, no matter where I live!), and had lunch/dinner at Boston Burger Company.
  • Pete called me (after some texts). We are probably going to see each other before the 9th. I'm okay with this because, well, gray.
  • Change. Without it I cannot learn and grow.
  • Hard times. Without it I also cannot learn and grow (and I probably wouldn't have this kick ass tattoo on my back).
  • Never mistake caring and kindness for weakness. Especially your own. Sometimes letting your defenses down is the strongest thing you can do.
Learn to wish that everything may happen as it does-Epictetus

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