Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Positive Living-Day 1

On FaceBook I am doing the 100 days of happiness challenge. Basically for 100 days you post something that made you happy that day. Technically you're suppose to post a photo, but not everyone does it that way. I have decided that on here I am going to do, "30 days of positive living". Basically I will blog 3 things: 1. Things I did that day that were positive, 2. Something I'm grateful for,  3. Some sort of mindfulness reminder/affirmation.

Also, as far as the not being online as much. I think I am not going to do that. Chatting online is helpful to me. It helps me feel less lonely. I do want to try and cut back, but trying to "challenge" myself with something like that may not be good.

Sooooo, without further ado. Here is today's post:


  • Spent time at the library and Barnes & Noble
  • Got some books on nightmare interpretation, meditation, and controlling anxiety and stress.
  • Helped a friend
  • Went for a walk
  • Cried (sometimes a good cry can be really refreshing/helpful)
  • Picked up my meds
  • Did breathing exercises
  • Books. I'm grateful for books
  • Silly memes
  • If I worry about the future I will not enjoy today.
  • I am feeling the way I am because I do not feel grounded. I have uncertainty right now, but I can work through it.

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