Saturday, April 5, 2014

Improving My Life

If my life is going to get better I need to start making changes. I want to live and I want to make each day count. I was thinking about what has made me happy in the past. So, starting today I will go back to doing the following:

  • No Sweets: For those who were not part of my life at the time I had a set of, "rules" which included, "no alcohol", "no fast food", "no soda", and "no sweets". These rules were broken 3-4 tims on specific days of the year (pre-set by me). I had different reasons for doing each one. The no alcohol came from the fact I was hanging out with straight edge people at the time, and for other personal reasons. No soda and no fast food was to help make myself feel healthier as was no sweets. No sweets was also something I did to help me feel more grounded and in control of things. No sweets had 3 exceptions: Jelly Belly beans, Fro Yo, and certain drinks. I've stuck with no Alcohol and soda, but haven't been doing perfect with no fast food and even less so with no sweets. I just remembered I felt a lot better when I was doing it.
  • Zumba Abs: I have  a 20 minute zumba work out I used to do every morning. I'm going to start again.
  • Fish Oil: Going to start taking it again each day. I was for a while, but stopped for some reason.
  • Hooping: Warmer weather is coming. Time to start hooping more.
  • Meditation: I am going to try and do 10-15 minutes of deep breathing each day. It's hard for me to sit for long periods of time so I will start slow.
  • Smile More: Just 'cause I should
  • Blogging: Because writing is therapy :)
  • Continue Therapy: As well as get on good anti anxiety meds
  • Read More: I want to try and not just read, but go to book stores and coffee shops to read. I think getting out and not always being alone is going to be good for me.
  • Remind People How I Feel: I want to try and tell people I care about them as often as I can. Life is too short for anger.
  • Buy Reincarnation Books: My belief in reincarnation has always comforted me. Life is all about birth, death, and rebirth. The seasons, night and day, nature. It all revolved around cycles of life and death. For some reason that is comforting to me.
I want to be better, healthier, and happier. It's time to start making changes.

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