Sunday, March 23, 2014

Venting vs Complaining: Learn The Difference.

Things are starting to come together. Got a job offer, and might even have an interview for a better one.

I was thinking that I find it interesting that people spend their time trying to bring others down on their own pages and blogs, yet accuse us of "complaining." Soooo, I'm venting (different than complaining) on my own space, and your going on to other people's spaces to spread your ignorance and hate? Yet I'm the one who is, "complaining"?

This is the problem with mental illness stigma. People do not take the time to understand, to learn, to educate themselves. They only read what they want to read, see what they want to see.

The people who present themselves as happy all the time? The people who take joy in bringing others down? Not worth my time. It's funny that people spend their time COMPLAINING about what others say and do. Yet, I am the one who is "complaining". Hmm, maybe these people have never heard of "venting"? Just because someone vents frustrations does not mean they are complaining or even unhappy.

The point is, I am open about my disorder and those who accuse me of "complaining" present themselves as ignorant stigma spreaders who don't bother taking the time to learn about something before making assumptions.

News flash: People are allowed to vent! Sorry, but I'm not fake! I don't put on this front and pretend to be happy all the time.

People are full of ignorance and hate. Have some compassion. It's clear a lot of people do not understand or are willing to understand BPD. This blog is for me to VENT my frustrations! I'm sorry if that is not "allowed" in your world. I'm sorry if you live in a fake world where everything is rainbows and sunshine. That's not the world I live in. I'm not fake, I have real feelings and emotions.

How DARE you come on here with your high and mighty comments, thinking you are better than me. All some of you want to do is pick out what you want, twist things around. Sorry you don't "approve" of what I write in MY journal!!

Complaining: To express dissatisfaction, pain, uneasiness, censure, resentment, or grief; find fault: "He complained constantly about the noise in the corridor."

Venting: To relieve by giving expression to something: "He vented his disappointment by criticizing his successor."


BPD is one of the most difficult mental disorders to live with and treat, oh but I'm sorry it must not be "real" and all I do is "complain". Sorry, I wasn't aware you knew me or my life or even took the time to get to know me. I forgot, because I vent and deal with  mental illness I must not be a real person. I must just be a pathetic loser who needs to grow up. Oh wait, sorry, that's you. Take your stigma and shove it up your ass.

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