Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two Halves: A Poem

Two halves in a constant battle
Facing off, at a stand still
Fighting to gain control
One full of hope and light
The other bleaker than the dark side of the moon
One brings change, the other despair
They hate each other
There's no compromise, no middle ground
The war rages on
The onslaught to gain the upper hand

Two halves in a constant struggle
No one knows when it will end
They can't agree, they won't agree
It's one way or the other
There is never a peace offering
Only stubbornness that won't budge
The dissension leads to discord
The grapple happens without warning
At any time, in any place
Yet, it also happens in just one place

Two halves tugging, struggling to be supreme
A war, a battle, constant enemies scream
The two sides will never stop
They won't stop, because they can't see
They can't see that grey matters
When it comes to grey matter

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