Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Stigma

We're not supposed to talk openly about mental illness. Those of us who do are accused of using it as a "crutch" or "Excuse." It's not like when we talk about physical illnesses. People are understanding (most of the time) of that. We post pictures of our stitches, from hospital beds after an accident....but talk openly about a mental illness and it's unacceptable.

Even withing the mental illness community. Those who aren't as vocal about their disorders look down on us that are. They see us as "drama queens" "seeking attention" and it's unacceptable to them that we do not approach mental illness the same way they do.

I refuse to give into stigma. I refuse to be silent. Judge all you want. I will NOT be silent.

Acceptance and understanding comes from education. Not only from others, but myself as well.

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