Saturday, March 8, 2014

Positivety and Good Decisions

I have a job interview on Monday and I'm seeing Pete on Wednesday. I've been doing really well not contacting him, and giving him space. After all, people can't miss me if I'm constantly up their ass. I also have an interview for fuel assistance and I'm waiting to hear back on unemployment and food stamps. I'm hoping I won't have to be on assistance long, and I'll have a job soon, but it will be nice in the meantime.  I'm trying to be positive about the interview, which is a foreign concept since "hope" is not a natural thing for me.

I've been trying to fill up my free time doing stuff for me. I've been working on editing my book, listening to a lot of NPR,updating my website, cleaning, and getting a lot of rest. I need to be more independent and not always rely on one person to be my life line. That's one of the reasons D broke up with me, he became too much of my foundation and it was like I couldn't function on my own. I was demanding of him, even when he needed his own space.

I blocked her on Facebook. Not because I don't like her, but because I know that if I don't I will continue to stalk her online and just make myself upset. Don't worry about who she is, just know it was a good decision.

I'm being optimistic, which I'm usually not. But, like I've been saying I am trying to be the opposite of what I usually am.

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