Saturday, March 15, 2014

Over It

You know what? I am so over judgmental people. My friend Dannie is right. I shouldn't have to explain myself to people, I shouldn't have to justify myself. I find it funny that people like to criticize me for venting on my FaceBook. They call it, "attention seeking." Well, I think going on other people's pages and putting in your unsolicited/judgmental/unhelpful advice is "attention seeking." Seriously, these are people that barely interact with me except to judge and criticize. I'm so over it.

I realize that no matter what, with some people, I won't be able to win. If I vent then I am "seeking attention." If I post that I did something/bought something then I am criticized for that, because poor people clearly cannot have nice things. So, I just say fuck it. I don't have to interact with these people in real life.

I know how far I've come. The only person who has the right to judge my progress is me. I compare me to me. Meaning, I compare how I am now to the old me. I know how far I've come. I see the little things no one else does. I see the struggled and the triumphs no one else does.

Judging a person based on what they post on FB is lazy and shows a complete lack of compassion. The excuse is, "well you put it out there." Yes, but that doesn't mean you have to comment. That's like butting into someone's conversation you happen to overhear, giving really shitty advice, and then claiming it's okay because you could hear them.

I'm standing tall from now on, and I'm not explaining myself to anyone!

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