Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

I'm in a weird mood today. I'm angry, but also confident. I guess I'm just done putting up with people's ignorance and BS.

It's funny that I'm the one who has a tough time with the grey areas, yet some people don't see that someone can vent but still be happy.

1. Just because I miss my old job does not mean I do not appreciate having a new one. It's really gross of you to say something like that.

2. I struggle, but I always come out stronger than before.

3. I have a successful podcast that I am very proud of.

4. I have my own apartment.

5. I have friends who care an accept me for me.

6. Even though it may be slow at times I am changing and getting better every day.

7. I have a book coming out soon that I worked really hard on, and am proud of. It's my first chapter book!

I decided I'm going to get the IUD. I talked to my Doctor and the percentage of people who gain weight on it is really low. Much lower than other birth control methods, and if it does happen it's five pounds at the most. This is due to the fact so little of the hormones go into the blood stream (and it decreases every year).

Things with Pete are going okay. I'm trying to get better at not getting upset when he tells me, "no." We're trying to work on communication and I think that will help a lot.

I'm really hoping to get the job I want while working and saving money. I have always been hesitant about working nights or weekends, but I really don't go out much. Plus if I want to go up to the lake they do the schedule 4-6 weeks in advance so I can just ask for it off. I really hope it all works out. Getting this other job will be a big step up for me, and I'll be able to make a good transition if I'm working another job in the field.

I'm confident things will work out. It got dark for a while, but as usual I made it through.

If all goes well I plan on getting a cat soon. I just have to work out my budget.

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