Monday, March 10, 2014

Emergency Distress Tolerance Kit

In one of my DBT groups we made emergency distress tolerance kits. We put different coping skills on slips of paper, and if I'm feeling distress, then I can use this to remind myself of things to do. Mine is hanging on my wall behind my bed. Some of these include coping skills I didn't list the other day. I actually have a coping skills list posted on my wall, but the other day I did it off the top of my head. One thing I like doing is writing myself a nice note and putting it in my pocket. Anyway, without further ado.

Rainbow, always rainbow. 

Sealed With A Hug.

Put music on and hoop.
Breathe (4-7-8, to music, nostril).
Look at Pinterest.
Take a nap.

Make Kandi or color.
Compare me to me.
Look at gratitude list.
Read comics.

Listen to the Smile Song.
Text a friend.
Get offline.

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